Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day & I wanted to write a blog on why Steve & I find that important. :)

Steve & I do all we can to help the environment; which isn't easy with all the medical supplies we have, as some are not able to be recycled.  Because of this we are very conscientious to make sure we recycle what we are allowed to.  We do other efforts as well that include eating locally/supporting organic sustainable farming/take reusable grocery bags/using only what we need/etc.

So why is Earth day important?

Well the Earth deserves a day because hello without the earth there is no us (think people sometimes forget that), but much like valentines day isn't the only day you should show love, one day of paying attention to the Earth is not enough either, but it's a great day to get people to start paying attention.

What can I do to help the Earth?

Lots! :) Contrary to popular belief, you CAN make a difference. I know people often say, "My few plastic bottles & cans don't make a difference." Well, did you know just one can saves enough energy to run a TV for 2 hours?  If one can does that imagine if you recycled every can.  Recycling one plastic bottle can give a lightbulb power for 6 hours. That's some knowledge that makes you realize every effort does make a difference.

So how you can help:
  • Recycle (thankfully it's become easier to recycle this day & age---if you don't have a company that comes to your house you can drop it off at several places click here to find a place.
  • Reduce your use (this includes only buying foods you will eat/turn lights off when not using them/turn water off while brushing teeth)
  • Use a reusable grocery bag (Did you know it takes 400 years for some plastic items to decompose)
  • STOP buying plastic water bottles---use a britta, fill up a to go cup of water
  • In general plastic sucks.  It's clogging our oceans and killing our wildlife & it's overused in the US.  If you can buy something that is a plastic alternative (paper cartons of milk, paper or glass straws, reusable bags, paper products, etc) 
  • Plant a tree---yes---the world needs more trees everywhere!
  • Eat locally (farmers markets, shop the local section at grocery store, etc) It uses energy to ship your food from somewhere else.
  • Eat organic.  The pesticides that some non organic farms are using are causing so many problems beyond what happens when you consume them.  It gets in the air, it gets in the oceans.  There IS a link between lots of diseases (including ALS) with exposure to pesticides.  
  • Now I am the first to admit if the bug is in my house, I tend to kill it rather than pick it up and place it outside (wish I could do that but shutter, just can't) however, if the bug is outside let it live,  it's serving a purpose out there. 
  • Don't litter.  Sounds common sense right---well if so then the roads, oceans, forests, etc wouldn't be so covered with litter.
  • If you see litter & can safely---throw it away!  

Those are just a few ways to help.
The world is a beautiful place and it's our only home.  It's up to us to take care of it.   

I know this isn't the normal update blog, but wanted to write about something important to us.  Side note: Steve is doing pretty well still fighting off some infections but is doing pretty well at it, he's gaining healthy weight, and is noticing more energy.  

We love y'all just as much as we love the Earth! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I believe in the good things coming

Some exciting things to write about.

For starters with the weather getting warmer mostly it's been a lot easier to get Steve out & about so we've done some fun outings & have some exciting ones planned. :)  Lots of concerts & things we plan to get out to so keep an eye out for us. ;)

Biggest thing I want to talk about is our premier for our documentary!  So exciting we have the date & time that people will get to see our film!  Wanted to give some details, the link to buy tickets, as well as answer some most common questions for you all. 

So Mark your calendars, June 1st from 3-about 6 or 7 come to Buckhead Theater to experience some live music from two of our wonderfully talented friends who's songs are featured in the documentary; Gareth Asher & Zara Sky, bid on some exciting silent auction items, enjoy the cash bar, and great company, followed by the viewing of the film.  After the film shows we will have Q & A with Steve, myself, & the crew, & announce winners to the silent auction.  

If you would like to join us click here to get your tickets now.  

Common questions: 

Who do I contact if I want to be a sponsor or make a donation?
You can contact anyone in our crew.  Including me or Steve :)  Yes Steve gets facebook messages. 

Where can I find out more about sponsorship?
We have an electronic version of our sponsorship packages as well as Sarah, Matt, Taylor, or I would love to chat to you about it. 

What items are you needing for silent auction?
Anything you would like to give.  Jewelery, Art, Restaurants, etc. 

How else can I help?
If you would like to help reach out to me & I will let you know more specific needs. 

**Also, word of mouth is a huge way you can help.  Share our story, share the trailer, share the ticket sale site, share this blog, share anything & that would help a HUGE HUGE way.  

When can we buy a DVD if we can't make the premier?
We plan to have DVD's available by the end of June.  We will give you updates as we get closer to the time.  We will make sure you all have a way to see the film.  

Again thank you all for the constant support & love you surround us with.  Thank you for helping make this documentary a reality we couldn't have done it without you all.  

Here is the trailer for the documentary.  Enjoy!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

So much happens in one day these days.

Well. A lot has happened good & bad the past 2 months & I am on my game enough today to finally blog. :)

So the medical side: 

When Steve was in the hospital our doctors prepared us for 2 things. One was that Steve's infection in his lungs may colonize and never go away, which as y'all know has happened as of a little over a month ago. The other was that Steve would eventually no longer be able to come off the vent. That's ALS right eventually progressing so much that you have to rely on machines to survive. Steve decided early on that he doesn't want to live vent dependent for a long period as it's not the quality of life that he wants. Recently, Steve, began to need the vent more and more, and eventually it happened as he's off the vent he becomes sleepy & disorientated. For those who don't understand the vent not only breathes for you but it also helps your body clear CO2. While Steve is able to breathe on his own without the vent it is becoming obvious that his body is having difficulties with CO2. After speaking with our Respiratory team & our nurse it has become apparent that Steve will need to remain on the vent more than not. He can give his body a workout a few times a day but he will need to be primarily vent dependent. This is obviously a sad moment for us but I am grateful for several things. First of all that I have gained enough knowledge of ALS & ALS with Steve to know when something isn't right. I almost knew the answer before I called anyone to see what they thought. I'm also grateful we have this amazing vent to use & that at this moment Steve is willing to use it. He said through tears the day we decided that he wanted another Christmas with me. Now that he's been on the vent full time for a month he is getting used to it and actually has noticed some weight gain and a slight increase in energy.  Needless to say there are even more cuddles & special memories happening.  I am always amazed at how resilient & determined Steve is & how he is able to constantly adapt to each new challenge ALS presents. 

Because of the antibiotics Steve is on, being on the vent full time (drys a person out more), & more activity but not an increase in fluids Steve had some extreme crystallizing in his kidneys & he got pretty dehydrated.  We had to stop all antibiotics for close to two weeks and increase fluids a great deal.  Steve thankfully has bounced back from that, where we are able to start him back on the antibiotics again.  Thankfully because the pseudomonis is still there obviously but now the MRSA is also back.  So now he will need to continue hoping the antibiotics attack the infection while being gentle on the rest of his body.  Lots of love & light for that please. *thanks :)* 

On the fun side: 
We did a news story with channel 2 action news.  check it out here.

Our dear friend Stephanie did an amazing fundraiser for us that was full of lots of love, great energy, & crazy talent!  few photos

We've done several paint sessions & have made lots of new drive paintings with Jeremy & Maria. 

Lots of fun visits including close friends & my sister :) & we talked about some hopeforsteve website updates :)

I know I mentioned in my latest blog about my yoga journey.  A lot of exciting progress was made the past 2 months. 

Oh & let's not forget it's SPRING. The weather is warming up. :) 

So yes.  That's why I haven't blogged & that this is short. I do have some other random thought blogs to write hopefully next week for y'all.

Once again I have to express our extreme gratitude for all the love, support, & light that you surround us with.  We are blessed & feel all the love coming in. thank you thank you xo. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Love. only love.

After a few days with my family I (like every other visit with them) feel so refreshed & motivated.  My family is so supportive of my every move.  They accept me as I am, understand my oddness :), & they encourage me to follow my "free spirit" ways.  Some time with them & some recent events have put some things into perspective & I wanted to share.  

I often am only writing updates on what is going on with Steve & me, but I have so many other thoughts floating around in my head.  I've been journaling since I was a kid because I always have so many different thoughts that I want to write down.  Sometimes it's too much to organize into a blog & sometimes there is no time to do so.  However, Steve has been encouraging me "this year" to remember to make time for myself.  I obviously will drop whatever extra I am doing if Steve needs me, but he's encouraged me to dig deeper into my yoga practice, studying/reading, & writing. Another amazing thing to me is to have the most supportive husband, ever.  He has my back in every situation and inspires me to go follow my dreams & passions.  

Since becoming more devoted to my yoga practice I have discovered a lot about myself.  One thing I knew but not the the same extent, was that I need to be challenged & busy.  Idle time is my enemy.  With idle time I have time to do negative thinking.  Since, Steve has been home yes he does require a lot of my assistance but there is also more down time than I am used to.  Before, our down time would be focused on traveling or planning for trips or simply going out & doing anything.  Now that it is so difficult on Steve we spend most of our time at home.  We do still try to plan monthly outings, but we have a lot more down time now.  Yoga has reminded me that when I'm challenging myself I am more happy and full of love.  

I try to show everyone love, but I am human, and I have my "diva" moments. 

I could chose to look at myself as somewhat impatient, spoiled, a bit selfish, sometimes potty mouth, likes to sleep & repeat myself too much, loud girl OR I could say I'm a loving, caring, compassionate, determined, fun loving, adventurous, strong girl.  It is really a choice in how I look at myself & it is MY choice.  Like I said I'm human and I have short comings, and I have spent most of my life trying to be extremely self aware of my strengths & weaknesses to continually try to work on myself.  I have a bit of a love affair with self improvement.  Probably explains my drive to have gotten my masters in clinical psychology.  I am reminded with my practice that I can sometimes be too hard on myself and that it really makes a difference in my day if I show myself more love.  

We aren't perfect, no one is, & we shouldn't think we have to be.  It' through our mistakes, our short comings, & our fall backs that we learn more about ourselves & the world.  I wouldn't be the person I am today without a lifetime of mistakes & learning experiences.  It's your choice what to do with a mistake.  You can either let it stop you and destroy you or you can let it motivate you & teach you.  The more you focus on loving yourself the more you will learn from your mistakes.  

I have written about this previously as it is something I continually work at, is also to love everyone.  There are going to be times when I disagree with others behavior/decisions, but that's okay.  It's okay to have difference of opinions and it's also okay not to like what someone does.  However, what is not okay is allowing someones behavior/choices to influence us so much that it changes our moods/takes our peace/ and makes us stop loving.  This is something I am still working on, I am not claiming to haver perfected it yet; however I have seen some huge improvements since I've gone deeper with my practice.  

The more I surround myself with positive, loving, motivated people/things the more the earth reveals positivity & love.  It's a beautiful reminder when I have a few days with so so much love in one that life is more beautiful with love.  Yes, people may still bother me, bad things may still happen, & I may still have some selfish and impatient moments, but I am more good, I am more peace, & more importantly I am more love.  The more I continue to pursue a path of love & peace the more I will find love & peace.

I'm humbled and inspired by all these thoughts floating around & wanted to share.  In other news, here are some things going on with Steve & I. :)

Our kickstarter for our documentary was funded by y'all in 15 days! Amazing & overwhelming.  It's such a huge blessing to have all of you support us in this journey.  This documentary means so much to us for so many obvious reasons.  Just a few are; awareness for ALS, pride in our story, sharing of love, & the hopefully inspire those facing difficult times to continue to fight.  The kickstarter is still open for donations until Valentines day. :) Our amazing film team said all the extra money will be put into making the best documentary they can make.  Steve & I are so excited to share it with everyone!

Steve was taken off antibiotics this month for a little as the doctor wanted to determine if they were helping keep him stable & stated that the infection has colonized and that Steve will always have it.  He wanted to determine if his body was able to "handle" the infection without the antibiotic.  I already monitor Steve closely (his secretions color, consistency, scent/tempter/all vitals/etc) but monitored him extra close the week he was off.  I started Steve back on antibiotics, the night I suctioned a mucus plug out of him, and called the doctor the next morning.  He was then placed back on antibiotics and is showing more signs of stability again.  Thanks for those who prayed and sent good vibes for his health & we always ask they continue! 

Steve's Drive Project has been going great & we recently updated the website with some new paintings.  Seeing Steve work on these paintings brings all those involved so much joy & to see you all want his paintings & to see pictures of them hanging makes us all & especially Steve overjoyed. 

Thank you all so much for the constant support.  

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 in review

The word of 2013 is Drive. :)

Not just the awesome project we started this year with our dear friend, Jeremy Brown, where Steve, does paintings with his wheel chair, but with Steve's drive to continue to fight this awful disease, as well to continue his mission to spread awareness & love.

May started the complications where Steve would spend months in & out of the hospital.  He would go in an out up until October.  Spend a month in the hospital, to a few weeks-a month at home, to a few more weeks-a month back in the hospital, etc.  Every time we went into the hospital we got the "not sure what's going to happen" talk in the beginning to eventually faith being restored and us going home each time.  Steve's drive to continue to battle this disease has been an inspiration to thousands near and far.  Steve has a plan in mind about how his life will end & often says, "It's not time yet."  It's amazing that he is so set on fighting to stay alive to continue to spread his message. :)  I always get a little superstitious to say that we are stable because I want us to stay home, but I will say that Steve is the most resilient person I know & is doing well currently.  Thank God!

Steve having something productive to fill his time (our documentary, helping me write my book, & his drive paintings) have kept him so driven to keep living.

There are a few other words for 2013: unexpected, movement, love, & alive.

Before Steve's hospitalizations we were traveling like we like too and even attempted to do so in between some.  It took Steve getting very sick out of town and me driving through the night to get him back to our hospital to realize that our adventures would need to be more local.  Although, Steve, was very sick for so much of the year he spent so much time on focusing on LIVING because he's still ALIVE. :)  Every time he had energy we were out doing something.  Steve's movement is very limited and getting out of bed has become very difficult for him this year, yet he still pushes himself to get up at least a couple times a week.

We've had a lot of unexpected & fun moments as well.  One of those would be with Michael Franti & Spearhead & Sara.  :)  Since meeting them at Wanee in April, where they made our year by introducing us on the stage, we've grown to be good friends with them.  They came to visit Steve in the hospital in August when we were unable to make it to see them in Nashville, we were blessed enough to make it to their show in October where Michael brought us out on stage & shared our story again here in Atlanta, & then in December Michael came to spend the day with us while we filmed with him and super talented John Roderick for a special piece.  Their love & support has meant the world to us & each person they brought into our lives have made it better.  The unexpected reach out from Dave Matthews Band this year also was a special moment.  They invited us to a show to meet them and when we were unable to make it due to Steve being in the hospital  Dave himself drew us a special piece.  It warmed our hearts & still does each time we look at it.

We've continued our movement and thanks to some of these more well known voices we've successfully been able to get our word out in several areas.  We've appeared on the news several times this year, several newspaper articles, few magazines, & even some of my favorite websites.  Each time I see someone share our story I know it's getting awareness to ALS & living life to the fullest out to the world.  We just launched our kickstarter for our documentary which is our big push for our movement. We've been working with a great team on this for over 2 years & the kickstarter is to finally fund the projects completion.  If you want to donate or share the story, click here! :)

A big reason Steve & I have continued our fight/movement and have been able to remain positive is because of the abundance of love y'all have surrounded us with.  It's a blessing to know that you all are there for us when we need you & that you are thinking of us on bad days, that you are sending good thoughts, that you are praying for us, & that you all wish and hope the best for us.  The kind messages that fill our inbox are overwhelming in a great way.  It's been an amazing thing to see our following increase so much this year. Also, for all of those who put together fund raisers for us: golf tournaments, concerts, sales, brewery tours, etc.----the financial support is most appreciated & has helped us be able to stay on top of medical bills & continue to live a life of memories.  From the bottom of my heart thank you all for the unconditional love & support that you continue to show us.

I know I don't always blog but if you want to follow us more please like us on Facebook here.
Also, on instagram & twitter @hopieannc

Here are a few of the highlights of the year:
photos of the year
Drive art show video
Michael Franti I'm Alive fan video--watch the the end.
Wanee April 2014 on Stage with Michael Franti
Pittsburgh News May 2013
Article for mindbodygreen
Another pittsburgh news story
Pittsburgh news helping us turn a negative into a positive
story in canadian magazine
A shout out in USA today!
Fox 5 news interview
Daily Courier story
Mt. Pleasant Journal

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


      I'm writing this as I watch yet another amazing soul massage Steve.  We've been blessed with our friend Karyn volunteering to come massage Steve as often as she can & now a dear woman named Michele is here to volunteer some of her services.  For those who don't fully understand ALS, the pain that is involved with your muscles deteriorating is sometimes unbearable.  Add the muscle spasms and lack of mobility and you have the recipe for misery.  While I try to stay on top of range of motion (stretching) & some massage; some days I just can't squeeze it all in.   While watching these incredible people work with Steve, it has become obvious this is their purpose.  They are so good with light touch & just the right amount of pressure to relax Steve.  I've been able to learn so many valuable skills from them & have felt more inspired to continue the pursuit of my purpose.

      It probably sounds weird that I'm almost 30 and talking about pursuit of purpose, but I believe some people's purpose changes constantly through life.  Currently my purpose is to be here for Steve as his caregiver & his wife.  The reason I know this is my purpose is that it makes me happy to be able to care for him & my desire to constantly want to learn more about how to help him.  So many people have suggested that I pursue nursing because of all the medical experience & knowledge I have gained while caring for Steve; however I don't believe it's my purpose to be a nurse for others; but honestly I'm so in the moment with Steve I don't know what my future purpose is. (Side note: I feel it's important to share that Steve has often wanted to have lengthy conversations with me about how I will be without him.  While some may find this morbid for those who know Steve, he has worried about me from the day we found out & this is his way to help him feel like he is helping me through the difficult situation.  He and I have talked at length and he has often said, "while you are trying to figure it out I'll be there with you sending signs."  It's an amazing experience to have such an honest conversation with your husband.  It's an amazing connection we are able to share & I appreciate his willingness to openly discuss this with me.)

     I know a lot of people often say that Steve is so lucky to have me, I'm not denying that, but most people don't think about how lucky I am to have Steve.  I don't just mean in that I have him as my best friend or the love I receive from him, but he taught me that what I was doing before isn't my purpose for my life.  He opened my eyes to truly enjoying all aspects of my life (even if it is cleaning up vomit).  I'm not saying care giving is always easy but at the end of the day I can go to bed knowing I did the best I could that day, that I truly made a difference, & a sense of satisfaction I never had while doing therapy.  

    I feel so blessed to have learned a new outlook on life and to be able to continue to learn new things about myself.  I am constantly growing and learning and proving to myself that I am capable of doing anything I put my mind to.  I have a history of struggling to believe in myself that thanks to so many incredible people coming into my life at the right time, I've been able to continually work on improvement in that area.  

   I also have noticed a shift in Steve himself.  When he first had to stop working due to ALS, he struggled with what would be his purpose.  During that time not only was he adjusting to an awful diagnosis but he felt like he would never have a purpose again.  It was amazing to see him decide to find a purpose and to put so much energy, even in his sickest moments, to continue to pursue his purpose; which is to spread awareness for ALS, living life, & loving.  The day we decided to begin filming our documentary Steve began handling life with ALS with a beautiful grace that I can only wish to have half of in my life.  

   I sometimes have so many thoughts that I feel like my writing is unclear and scattered.  I'm not always the best with grammar and proper punctuation but I still feel so driven to write and share my thoughts.  It's that pull of energy to pursue certain things that helps me feel at ease about always finding my purpose.

Speaking of lots of thoughts at once I have several updates since my last blog. 

After spending most of August and beginning of September in the hospital we were able to spend close to a month home until September 25th Steve had some respiratory distress and had to be taken to our trusty hospital Emory Johns Creek by ambulance.  Gave me a big scare  but it was a known he was going to the hospital the next day due to the infections still being detected in the sputum earlier that week that we weren't totally surprised.  So we spent a full month with our family (the ICU staff & respiratory teams at Emory Johns Creek really are now considered friends/family) & have been home now for 3 weeks.  While in the hospital we got Steve's feeding tube switched from a G(food goes into stomach) to a G/J (where food can go into stomach or directly into intestines) that way we could begin to give him tube feeds again & attempt to ween from the TPN (IV food) some so his liver would get a break.  We also worked on mobility as due to stiffness, lack of use, & some injuries became a problem.  We have a physical therapist at home who has made AMAZING progress with Steve & his mobility.  :)  The infectious disease doctor put Steve on a very strong antibiotic regimen, that they use as a last resort which successfully kicked the MRSA & made the pseudomonas "light growth". Just a quick recap Steve has had pseudomonas & MRSA in his lungs for close to 4 months.  He is still on these antibiotics & the pseudomonas is still growing lightly but MRSA hasn't come back, so that's progress.  After handling Steves trahe care since May I can say that his secretions have become much more manageable & I can see progress.  

Since being home we've been working on getting Steve back in his wheel chair so he can get back to painting & we can get out & about again.  He's incredible and has made huge strides and improves daily.  

For those interested in Steve's paintings the website is up.  www.driveforacure.com go check it out & stay tuned for shirts & greeting cards :)

On Friday (November 8th) we got out of the house & went to the Michael Franti & Spearhead show at the tabernacle.  It was so uplifting to get to see Michael & Sara again & get to attend the concert.  He brought us out on stage for our song Life is better with you  Steve stayed in his chair for 6 hours total and did amazing.  Half way dancing on stage it hit Steve that he had pushed it a little and he said he felt sick.  We got off stage I gave Steve some meds, suctioned him, & hugged Sara & Michael goodbye mid song & we left a little early.  It was amazing how accommodating everyone was to us & made us feel so special.  Steve said he could feel the love from Michael, Sara, the people back stage pre show, & the audience----& it made him feel amazing.  It's a surreal feeling to know so many people care about us & love us.  Michael & Sara are amazing to allow others to experience that same feeling through Do it For the Love .  Another amazing thing from each time Michael invites us on stage creates amazing awareness.  The show was written up , here in the creative loafing. Check it out. My mom was in town for the weekend, which was amazing to have her there to experience all the love & to have her help. We also got to spend some time with our dear friends Karyn & Lisa & their family whom we have grown to love like they are our own family.  All in all another amazing experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Here's some photos from our fun night out with our favorites! :)  

I want to also thank everyone who has been coming to visit us.  We love company & each visit helps uplift us, so please keep them coming!! :)

I know it's been a while since I blogged and this is a lot to fit in one blog but wanted to send a quick something out to yall.
Love each of you lots & lots & lots. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

We love you all. Lots. So here's an overdo update.

Well a lot has happened since I last wrote & I owe y'all updates: 

Been a bit busy soooo will be probably just updates this blog but because we love all of you who follow & support us so I owe y'all some words :)

So for starters August 14th Steve ended up back in the hospital, & was discharged home the 29th, starting to feel like Emory Johns Creek is our summer home with how much time we have spent there this summer.  

We went in initially because Steve began having some serious stomach issues where he was rejecting all feedings and became severely dehydrated and malnourished.  Upon entering the hospital we were also concerned with possible aspiration from some frequent vomiting.  Because of Steve's condition, frequent hospital visits, & dehydration there was no finding a vein to get an IV or any blood so they decided on a central line.  Steve's had this previous hospital visits with no problems but because he was so compromised going in the line ended up causing a pneumothorax (collapsed lung).  After a few days it was determined he also had pseudomonas & MRSA (either again or still depending on how you look at it).  So we had a lot going on. 

They began Steve on TPN (IV feedings) which has been the most amazing help!  He is doing the best (now) he has in the past 2 months.  Obviously we still have lots of work to do but he is showing vast improvements.  The stomach issue was determined to be gastroparesis, which in short is where his stomach is unable to process food.

Steve was sent home with a PICC line for us to continue the TPN & continue administering antibiotics. (I seriously could be a nurse with all this experience.)  This has been the most strength & weight Steve has gained in months so we are pleased.  We are going to be (once he gains a little more strength) be doing a procedure to get his feeding tube changed from a G to a J.  Theory is it is not a dangerous procedure that will move the feedings lower in the gut so his body will be able to handle "food again" & we can discontinue TPN.

Steve still has an infection we are treating in his lungs however his lung doctor is pleased & believes Steve is almost done beating this (hopeful).  He sleeps with a trilogy on pressure support settings (meaning he takes the breath & the machine helps give him some extra air) & is finally sleeping more through the night (Thank the good Lord, whew).  He got as low as 83 lbs, which when you get that malnourished your body can't fight off infections which is why he had such a severe case of it, since gaining 5 lbs & possibly even more since being home his body seems to be fighting things better.  Obviously we still need all prayers, good vibes, positive thoughts etc that he continues to improve & build strength with no more road blocks!

In other news:
Special thanks to Jeremy Brown & everyone who purchased some of Steve's art the Drive art show was a great success.  Due to popular demand & the fact that Steve has finally been feeling up for being out of bed we plan to make more paintings this week---so if you are interested in purchasing one act quick, they don't last long. :) The 'Drive' art show promo video

While we were in the hospital we had a very special visit from Michael Franti, his partner Sara, & good friend Leah.  It was a blessed visit & one that I will never forget.  So much love flows from them & to them & we are so grateful & blessed to have them.  Upon that visit Michael & Sara also gave us the blessing of helping us hire some help at home for a little relief for me! Amazing.  They are truly the most genuinely kind hearted, warm. & caring souls.

Also check out their video for Do it for the Love foundation Amazing foundation & an amazing video highlighting our "joyful experience" it has been with Michael & Sara.

Also, very excited to announce that the Hope for Steve documentary should be coming out soon.  We haven't officially released the trailer although it has "leaked" so if you look hard enough you may find it.  Stay tuned though shortly we will be releasing.  We are also looking for musicians who are willing to allow us to use your talents in the documentary if interested contact me & I will forward your info on to our producers 

Ok I once again need to thank ALL of you for the love, support, random acts of kindness, running errands for us, donations, prayers, & all around awesomeness.  Each of you help us share our message each day & continue to energize us for this battle.  After all we are all in this crazy ride together.

Lots of love!!! xox