Wednesday, August 15, 2012

When there's a will there's a way.

When there's a will there's a way. 

I wanted to write a blog about my new favorite quote ever, cause it's so relevant to our life.  We often get told by people when they see us out, that they are pleasantly surprised to see that Steve & I are out & about.  Like when we went to Wannee, I take him to the beach, dog park, etc.  I always respond to everyone that says something that when there's a will there is a way.  Steve & I aim to live our lives as normal as we possibly can & do as much as we physically can.  So the will to live helps us find the way. 

My Mom taught me this at a young age & always taught it in a religious & worldly way.  She would say if it's God's will there will be a way---and then would also say that if you set your mind to something that you want to do you will find a way to do it.  If you have the will there is nothing that can stand in your way.  That's true for anything in life---if you are willing to do the work that it takes, you can get far.   

This has been coming into play in my life so much recently. The Hope for Steve Roller Hockey classic is an example of this.  A wonderful group of guys that are amazing friends & supporters of Steve saw the need & put together such a fun, thoughtful, & amazing fundraiser.  Somewhere around 200 people came out to show their support & love for Steve.  I wrote in my last blog about me leaving my job, and God willing this fundraiser has given Steve & I a way to know that I can stay home and take care of him worry free for a few months until I find an in home job.  It was such an emotional & joyful day.  I couldn't stop smiling all day & couldn't contain myself with how touching it was to see so many amazing people out to support Steve & I.  Seeing Steve's face light up as he would see old friends, hear words of encouragement, & watch the hockey game made me overjoyed.  

When I first decided to leave my job I was having a full out panic---since then slowly more & more is falling into place.  It's one of those examples that when you are following the path you are meant to things will start opening up for you.  

If y'all don't learn anything else from Steve & I please learn this--that if you want something enough, work hard on it enough, & have the will to do it---it CAN happen.  Don't think too hard about it, it can be applied to even the simplest things, like knowing you want to lay on the beach with your husband & then pulling/pushing/tugging him through the sand anyway you can to get there.  Please just go out & live your life, enjoy it.  I don't mean to sound preachy but I have learned a lot about life, love, relationships, the world, & myself & through these experiences I have found I can dig deep within myself to do things I never thought I would be able to do.  I want to remind everyone that when you are faced with something & you make a decision to do what you have to do---you WILL find a WAY.