Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Years Resolution

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!  Here it was fantastic!  Steve & my Christmas started Thursday!  We are spoiled ;) & spent Thursday with Steve's family.  Kinda cool we got to see them & still see my family, I like how that worked out!  Then Steve & I went to PA to visit my family (and for Steve to meet those family members that didn't make the wedding).  We were there Fri-Mon (never seems long enough).  It's of course always amazing to see my family, but it was even more special to be able to share memories & experiences with Steve!  He now got to see the Eckel family Christmas and the big hectic experience that it is.  He also ate lots of firsts (which surprised me): Wedding Soup, Perogi, Permanti Brothers, & Pitzels.  Some of which I didn't realize southerners hadn't heard of.  All in all it was amazing!

Now back to reality & preparing for New Years!  I always love New Years eve, I always remember it being a fun & exciting time.  This year we are having people over, which means I have extra motivation to make my house spotless! YAY :)

But another reason I love love New Years, is I like making resolutions.  I like setting goals to accomplish that year.  This year since I'm blogging, I thought I'd share for the extra motivation to stay on task with my resolutions!  In no particular order:
--> Finally get house organized *including guest bedrooms, completely unpacking all my stuff , & putting up all of our photos!
--> After spending 2 years at my current job learning a TON, I think it's time I find something else that will lead me to new experiences rather than staying in my comfort zone. 
-->This is a big one and I've commented on this often, and it's not reacting to negativity.  I need to remember that I can't control others behavior I can only control my reactions.  I don't want to be such a reactor anymore, as I find it often brings me down.  I'm mostly a positive, happy, & calm person, but the moment I allow others anger or negative comments affect me I lose all of that. 
--> The very big need to detox and get back to having a healthy lifestyle.  This includes working out & yoga/mediation.  No more candy for breakfast & chips & french fries!  I used to be very aware of what I was putting in my body, and due to some stress & busy lifestyle I have lost it.  I know getting back on track will help me feel better & have more energy!
-->Read/study/research more.  When I was in school I was constantly filling my brain with lots of good information & I know if I don't continue I will continue to go down my spacey path!
-->Last but def. not least, a sorta personal confession, and very important one---learning to better finance my money!  Save more-spend less! 

*It's important when making resolutions to keep them realistic, but also to challenge yourself to improve.  I tried to do just that, but know that I have made some big goals.  However, knowing that each of these will increase the value of my life---I must do them.  I will keep you posted on how I am doing, but please if you follow this feel free to help keep me accountable.  Check in on me, call me out if you see me eating sweet tarts for breakfast, yell at me if I want to go shopping, etc.  Also, I encourage you to evaluate things that you can improve in your life & set your own resolutions! :)
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I will I will I will I will....

So I haven't necessarily been following up with my blog, and I could make 100 excuses as to why I haven't but I'm just going to be honest.  I haven't had the extra positive umph in me to find any motivation to blog, and then it hit me, that's when I should be blogging.  That's the thing about negativity, sometimes it gets so thick that it ways down your every part of life!  I was having a conversation with a coworker & he said, "Sometimes you just have to snap out of it, you don't have the time to be all down & bla."  Reminded me of this:  :) 

So with that, let me say a few things.
I will get it together. I will get back to being happy & enjoying each day.  I will regain my focus.  I will get all the things I've been procrastinating done. I will be the positive influence the world needs. I will blog regularly again.  In general I will go back to being awesome. ;)

Completely unrelated but want to share Our wedding video by the amazing Taylor Graves & Jeff Kaplan!  I am soo happy with it, and have watched it AT least once a day :)  It's a great reminder of the special day! yay <3