Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Special Thanks :)

Ok this is going to be short &&&&& this isn't NEARLY everyone that needs a "thank you"...However I wanted to write a special thanks to those that have gone above & beyond for Steve & me.

My beautiful & amazing bridal party!  You all mean the world to me & couldn't be doing all of this without you:::::: Cori Adcok, Kylie Roger, Erica Adams, Candice Moran, Rachelle Moran, & Brittany Ledford.  You are all amazing & I am grateful for each of you! From focusing me, staying on me to get things done, helping with decorations, listening to me.... You girls haven't complained once about any expenses or the "rush" y'all have been working in.  I'm so excited for the amazing bachelorette party & couples shower you all have planned. 

My amazing mom---between making the favors, the programs, & just listening to me vent---I love you & all your support is forever appreciated! :)

My family that is traveling down here for my's a long drive & with such short notice y'all have done everything you can to make coming down for my wedding as amazing as possible!  I'm especially grateful for my brother---he will be walking me down the ailse & is part of the wedding party. I can't wait to see everyone (which includes my niece & nephew!!!!!!! yay)

My amazing soon to be in-laws---All the help (which is LOTS), support, suggestions, & love is amazing & I am so lucky to have you all in my life!

Raymond Adams ---One of my best friends & biggest supporters.  Raymond is giving me the hook up with my hair (ALWAYS) & photos for the wedding.  I wouldn't be able to afford the amazing images he always provides me with & I am so grateful/blessed to have him in my life.  Plus he makes my hair look AWESOME. :) 

Jeff Kaplan ---One of the many photographers I've gotten to work with, get to know, & I am a HUGE fan of his work!  JKAP has been gracious enough to affordably help Raymond out with photos for the wedding!!  Raymond & Jeff work great together & I'm so excited to see what they work up for me! :)

Rod Michael ---I have been great friends & a fan of Rod Michael for about 4 years.  I am so excited that he agreed to play for our ceremony.  He has an amazing talent and Steve & I both enjoy listening to him play.  His voice is AMAZING & it's going to make the ceremony that much more special. Little old--but love this performance of Rod Michael!

The Say yes to the dress Atlanta was an amazing experience as mentioned before, but I really want it to be known that Lori & the staff at Bridals by Lori are some of the most amazing people I have met in a long time! 

Joel Thomas is an amazing pastor who is part of North Point church.  Steve & I attend North Point & it really meant a lot to us to have someone from there to marry us.  The church is HUGE so we are very grateful/fortunate to have Joel to be who is marrying us.  He is an amazing person & I know he is going to do excellent on our ceremony. 

Complete Music DJ company is helping us out with our DJing for the wedding.  They are amazing (and luckily) family.  I'm so excited that they have allowed us to personalize everything for the wedding & even more excited the music (dancing;)) surpirses to come!

All the guys in Steve's wedding party (and just all of his friends really)--all the support you all give him, means so much to me.  You are all a really great group of guys! :)

So many others have been offering support, love, offering to help, & just have been there to listen to me vent if I need to...and truly I'm overwhelmed!  So grateful!

I REALLY wanted to make sure all these people listed & EVERYONE truly realizes how grateful Steve & I truly are for all of your help making our wedding as special as possible!  You all mean so much to me! Thank you, thank you!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Celebrate the small things

So I know everyone always says, "celebrate the small things."  I always thought I did just that, but with my whole new outlook on life I realize that now I truly do.  Today Steve & I both had mostly what was a great day.  With everything going on Steve & my moods go through many different ups & downs throughout the day.  Today I truly feel I finally understand the concept of celebrating the small things, that we decided to celebrate our good moods. Tonight Steve & I went out to celebrate us being in a good mood & having a good day.  We have so many exciting things coming up, and have so many wonderful things to be grateful for.  We never forget that at any moment & for our moods to be lined up with the excitement we have is something to truly be celebrated. :)
I want to remind everyone, that life is a gift & every single moment should be celebrated.  Whether it's missing all the red lights, getting a new puppy;), getting out of work early, or simply just feeling happy for no specific reason (:)) at all, it should be celebrated.  I thank God everyday for the strength he gives me & the amazing support group he provides me with.  I thank him for Steve, without him I wouldn't truly realize how precious & amazing the gift of life is.
So throughout each day, remember---celebrate the small things :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

say yes--best experience

Ok so I wrote a blog about the experience with Say yes to the dress, but I actually realized that I shouldn't share the whole story with you, because why then would you watch the show ;) So with that, let me just say it was one of the BEST most touching experiences I have ever had.  I am blown away with how gracious & sweet everyone was especially Lori from Bridals by Lori & my consultant Robin.  After it airs I will repost my original blog with all the details.  For now we will wait in excitement for the show to air which will be next season Winter/Spring.  :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Keep your head up.

Okay so most everyone knows what is going on with Steve & I, for those who maybe are still unaware you can refer 2 blogs down for full story.

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." Oscar Wilde

I wanted to write today about something that is going to be the most important aspect for both Steve & I throughout this whole process.  That is remaining positive.  I feel it's a choice that no matter what life throws at me, that I remain positive & keep my hope & faith.  This is NOT at all always easy, so now I'm going to write about it. 

There are days, mornings, afternoons, evenings, etc that I am just so flustered with everything going on and I have to snap myself out of it.  I have to realize that despite the situation, Steve & I are very blessed.  I know I said this 100 times before, but I truly believe life is what you make it.  If Steve & I get consumed with being upset about the situation we let ALS "have control."  We need to remain in control of our lives & remember that every single day is a gift, be thankful for it, & ENJOY it. :)  Being negative does not allow us to enjoy the day God has given us. 

WITH THAT-I want to add a special request.  There may be days where I have my own mess going on & may not have the extra "happy" in me to continue to give Steve the extra encouragment (or even myself for that matter).  So please keep the hopeful messages, well wishes, love, prayers, & encouragement coming.  They do help.  Every call, text, or email helps raise our spirits.  I don't know that I can express my gratitude enough.  xox

Keep your head up :)