Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hello are you there? Yes. Yes we are. :)

Hey Hey!  I told y'all the blog would be neglected.  I've gotten a huge dent done on my book, so I want to get back to blogging more often again.  I'm sure y'all aren't surprised that a ton has happened since I last wrote, and for those who follow us on here---I owe some updates.

Steve is stable & chubby. :)  Yes I can say this, because I am sure everyone remembers when he weighed 67 lbs right?  Well, now he weighs 130!  Yep.  Determination, positive thinking, prayers, love, good care, & the will to live are powerful & Steve amazes me more daily. 

We've had some frustrating experience with drainage around Steve's trache and the stoma eroding in result.  After a short and unproductive hospital visit it has been determined that because he is stable, his numbers on his vent are all good,& that the stoma doesn't need repaired yet, and I will be doing some wound care to help try to slow down future skin deterioration.  

Aside from that Steve & I have been busy with our passions.  I've launched my website for my malas & paintings & have been enjoying both of my creative outlets. I continue my practice with yoga/meditation which brings me something new and life changing almost daily. Steve is doing trading with the stock market & motivating everyone with his social media use.  Steve also has plans to start writing when he feels up to it some himself.  He is an amazing writer and I look forward to seeing him spread his message more.

The documentary process has moved forward.  As I'm sure y'all know the process of getting things legally sound is a long process, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  So very thankful for the crew and our amazing lawyer for all their hard work.  Also grateful that the wait for us to release the new version of, Hope for Steve, available to buy online & DVD to be soon.  We've been honored to be selected for the Arizona International Film Festival, the New Hope Film Festival, & to have won an international accolade award.  Stay tuned for the re-release soon! 

Well, you have my word you will be hearing from me more often & as usual we love y'all so much & have extreme gratitude for each of you.