Sunday, September 28, 2014

Draw your own circle

I'm blessed with so many enlightened and intelligent people in my life, who inspire deep thought with every conversation.  Recently I've had conversations with several people about feeling guilt when I am put off by someone and their energy.  

See, my whole life I have opened myself up to everybody.  Anyone want it, sure you can come in my circle.  I even let them stay well past their time.  Obviously I look at everyone who is in my life as a lesson, with one of the most important being, it's okay to not allow everyone in or make people leave my circle.  It's okay if I trust my instincts telling me something about this person doesn't sit well with me.  It's okay.  You don't have to allow everyone in.  Sigh.  That feels good. :) 

It's not like I am mean to these people; unless someone brings out the warrior, I tend to be nice to everyone.  However, like the Nahko and Medicine For the People, song, Warrior People, ..."I will learn to be peaceful but keep my knife at my side, I will pray for compassion but if war comes to my door you know I'll be blasting warrior mentality"...but I digress. :)  I will try my best to show these people love and light and keep my distant.  So i'm human and obviously not perfect, so yes sometimes I judge the hell out of people & allow them to annoy me.  I own it & am working on it. :)  

Fall is the best time to shed what isn't serving us, like the trees there leaves. So remember it's your circle, make it your own. 

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