Friday, July 18, 2014

Self love

 I've had a few people message or say sly remarks recently about my like of photos of my self, a selfie, or a photo shoot. Photo shoots are fun y'all. Seriously & if you don't think so you haven't done it up right. The perfect hair & makeup, awesome outfit, great photographer who understands angles and lighting and capture you looking your best. That feeling of seeing a photo and seeing your true beauty. It's something everyone should feel. Imagine if we all realized how beautiful we actually are. Showed ourselves more love---how much happier the world would be.

I grew up thinking I was ugly.  More awkward than ugly but still didn't consider myself pretty. No one should ever feel that way. That's why getting dressed up & taking photos makes me happy & should make you happy too. Have fun & love yourself more. You are important and taking care of you is important, & you can't properly care for you until you love you. Let's stop beating ourselves up & start lifting ourselves up. So when someone tells you to stop taking so many photos of yourself---say no I think you should take more of yourself. ❤️

So on the subject of photo shoots, I want to tell y'all about my Free People dream come true.  A few months ago they asked me to be apart of their fpme shoot.  Of course I was worried about who would take care of Steve, but thankfully he saw this as a fun break for me, and insisted.  Thanks to my friends Jen & Meradith for coming to stay with Steve I had the chance to go have the best day! check it out :)  Free people inspires girls to be free spirits, strong, determined, adventurous, loving, happy, & well rounded girls.  Girls that should be looked up to, that inspire others to be great & look great while doing so!  I love to take photos in their clothes & share them on their site.  Since coming in contact with them they have sent me a few outfits as gifts, simply for being a free people girl.  It's an honor & wanted to share this side of what makes me, me. :) 

photo: fp Jana Kirn


  1. You look awesome! Glad you got to spend some me time!! Totally digging that dress...might have to try it on myself!

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  3. Totally digging this, girl! I love Free People, and their style suits you and complement their style :) You deserve all the breaks you can get - you work so hard looking after Steve, so I'm so happy for you that you got to go out and have some girly fun! xoxo